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    Outdoor Independent Retailer of the Year Footwear Industry AwardsWalking boots can be too big, too small, too wide, too narrow, too deep or too shallow, not to mention the wrong shape! With all these factors and more to consider when buying walking boots, it’s easy to understand why it can sometimes feel like a costly guessing game!

    The solution? Have your feet properly measured and walking boots fitted by Whalley Warm and Dry, ‘Outdoor Independent Footwear Retailer of the Year 2017’ (Footwear Industry Awards).

    Don’t believe us? Here’s 7 award winning reasons why it pays (in comfort, money and time) to get your feet measured and walking boots fitted by us;



    Buying walking boots that have been properly fitted will help you to avoid the costly mistake of buying the wrong walking boots.

    Once we have measured your feet, our trained fitters can advise you on the most suitable footwear for your feet and chosen activity, this process removes the guess work on your behalf. You will no longer be faced with the arduous task of choosing between an endless selection of boots without really knowing which one is going to be the most comfortable on your next walk.


    2. SIZE

    Measuring feet using the brannockMost people do not know their real shoe size. According to David G Armstrong, professor of Surgery at the William M Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, three quarters of people wear the wrong sized footwear.

    There’s no such thing as a size for life. Your feet can change in size and shape over time, they can become wider, flatter and develop deformities that change their shape. Many people start wearing a certain size when they are younger and believe that is their size for life.

    At Whalley Warm and Dry our specially trained fitters take ten detailed measurements of your feet to identify not only your size but your width and volume too.



    Even if you are lucky enough to know what size you are, there’s no universal standardisation of footwear sizing – a size 10 walking boot/shoe in one brand will not necessarily be the same size or have the same fit, as a size 10 in another. Even footwear from the same brand will differ in terms of fit due to the different lasts used to make them.

    Our trained fitters use their in-depth knowledge of the brands to interpret what size will be best for you.


    4. SHAPE

    We adviseSize is not the only factor to consider when purchasing footwear. In order to have comfortable feet additional dimensions of the foot must also be considered such as – foot width, foot volume, arch height and heel width. Footwear varies hugely across these dimensions, for example some boots/shoes are wider at the front of the foot and narrower at the heel, while others are more standard across the whole foot.

    Our Specialist Boot Fitters understand the differences in the footwear and they use their expertise of the lasts to match your foot to the footwear as closely as possible. We have footwear available in 5 different widths (extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide) plus half sizes and different last shapes to choose from.

    5. SUPPORT

    In order to have truly comfortable feet on a walk, it is important to understand how the foot is moving inside the walking boot and be aware of any pressure points on the foot. Insoles can alleviate the pressure by supporting the arch and stabilising the foot.

    Using our state of the art technology, we can analyse your feet to identify your foot arch, examine pressure distribution and establish how best to support the foot inside your walking boots.


    6. STRETCH

    Steam and stretch footwear for a custom fit

    Walking boots or shoes purchased from us can be customised free of charge! If you need a slight adjustment or perhaps a bit more space, we can use our specialist machinery to gently steam and stretch the footwear for a custom fit. This process is done in store, whilst you wait and only takes about 10 minutes. Customising the fit of the footwear in this way is particularly helpful for people who suffer from bunions or heel spurs.


    7. SERVICE

    You can also relax knowing that our after sales service is second to none. If you have any problems with your walking boots or shoes then we strongly encourage you to return so we can help you to get the fit just right. When you buy footwear from us, we invest our time in your comfort.


    Unless you plan on trying lots of different walking boots on and are prepared to buy the wrong pair, consider getting your feet measured and your walking boots fitted by Whalley Warm & Dry.

    Call 01254 822220 or email to make your appointment!

  • Walking Boots- Extra Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide Fittings

    If you have been blessed with wide or narrow feet, you may have found finding comfortable, well fitting walking boots a challenge -this is where we can help! We have walking boots available in 5 different widths;


    We even have half sizes! This gives you over 170+ different fitting options to choose from!

    We don’t rely on just one brand for our width fittings, we have carefully sourced walking boots from brands in the UK and across Europe so we can provide you with a range of walking boots that cater to feet of varying widths and shapes. If you’re curious to know which brands and boots made the list we can give you a hint – not all of our boots are on the website but we can tell you that we are proud stockists of Altberg (we are a Premier Retailer too), Meindl, Hanwag, Scarpa and Lowa.

    Once our specially trained fitters have measured and analysed your feet as part of our free multi-award winning Specialist Boot Fitting Service, they will use their in-depth knowledge of the brands and expertise of the footwear to match your foot to the footwear as closely as possible.

    walking boots for WIDE feet

    If you have wide or extra wide feet you will have probably been faced with the following dilemma when buying walking boots;

    Choice One – squeeze your feet into walking boots that are too narrow in the hope they will ‘break-in’

    Choice Two – Go up a size in walking boots to get more width at the front but risk your feet hurting elsewhere as a result e.g. blisters at the heel from the heel lifting

    It’s a tough choice with painful risks!

    At Whalley Warm & Dry we remove this dilemma completely - if you have wide feet, we will make sure you are fitted in wide fitting walking boots with plenty of space at the forefoot to avoid crushing your toes. Instead you will be able to give your toes a wriggle (this has come as surprise to some of our wide feet walking customers as they have never been able to do this before in walking boots!) The wide walking boots won’t only fit well at the front, we will make sure the whole foot, including the heel, is comfortable and secure. With a number of wide and extra-wide fitting boots to choose from, there’s no reason for you to squeeze your feet into walking boots again!

    I simply cannot rate Whalley Warm and Dry highly enough, or quite put into words just how excellent their service is. If you have any issues with your feet, however slight or significant, and struggle to get boots to fit comfortably then, however many miles away you live, a journey here will be thoroughly worthwhile, I assure you: Personal service like no other, friendly and very knowledgeable staff, nothing too much trouble, absolutely no pressure selling whatsoever and everything measured, shaped and tailored exactly to your own needs. Fantastic.

    K Whitelock 

    walking boots for narrow feet

    If you have narrow feet you will probably have been faced with a seemingly endless struggle to find boots that hold your feet and don’t cause your heel to lift at the back. Most walking boots leave your feet swimming around and cause your feet to bash into the sides of the footwear. With each pair of walking boots you try on you desperately wonder how you can make them fit.

    You may have been forced to resort to extreme measures to get a walking boot to feel like it fits. The most common approach is to try wearing more pairs of socks or thicker socks to remove some of the excess space inside the boots but you may have chosen a riskier strategy and bought a smaller pair of boots. Unfortunately going down a size in walking boots to get a snugger fit can all too often result in very sore toes and even the loss of toenails- ouch!

    At Whalley Warm & Dry, if you have narrow feet we will fit you in a narrow fitting walking boot that gently holds the whole foot, including the heel. You won’t need to go for a smaller size, the narrow fitting walking boots will be the right length so you won’t risk your toes hitting the front of the boots.


    Join the thousands of customers who travel to us, from as far as the Highlands of Scotland to Cornwall, for our Specialist Boot Fitting Service and range of extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide walking boots. We can help you to find comfortable walking boots so you can enjoy walking even more- you can relax when you're feet are happy!

    Call 01254 822 220 or email to book your appointment



    Tilley hats are simply world class! They are an absolute travel essential, perfect for whatever adventure awaits you!

    So what makes them so wonderful? Well, we hope to answer that question today with our list of 7 reasons why we love Tilley hats…



    Tilley hats are built for life but if your Tilley hat should ever wear out, fall apart, shrink or even mildew, you can relax knowing you will get a free replacement from Tilley. In a world of planned obsolescence, I think you will agree this makes a refreshing change!



    Tilley hats are handmade in Canada by talented artisans using traditional skills. Forty-one individual processes, using twenty-three different sets of expert hands are involved in making a single Tilley hat. Each step is meticulously executed to ensure you have a  fantastic quality hat.



    You don’t need to worry about painful pressure around the head with a Tilley hat. Tilley hats are designed to fit low and loose. They are held on by gravity but on windy days you can use the adjustable, tuckaway wind cord to help keep your hat in place. With a range of sizes available in each style, you can be sure to find the right fit for you. Like footwear, your Tilley Hat must be sized properly. To help you discover your Tilley hat size, we have put together some simple advice, along with a helpful video here.



    Tilley hats are the ideal travel partner when venturing to warmer destinations. The wider brim styles provide great shade for the face and neck. Ventilation incorporated into the crown helps to keep you cool and comfortable, especially the bestselling LTM5, LTM6 and T5MO AIRFLO® designs. The Hydrofil® sweatband is soft next to the skin and wicks perspiration away from the forehead.




    Tilley hats have been tested and certified to provide an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, this is the maximum rating given. A UPF rating is granted to apparel or gear that has been tested and proven to block a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation. UPF is similar to SPF, except that UPF means UV testing was conducted with equipment rather than on people’s skin. SPF rating only applies to lotions applied directly to the skin, not fabrics. Further information about how Tilley hats can help provide sun protection can be found here.



    Tilley hats aren’t just for sunny days, the water repellent finish can help on rainy days too!



    Tilley hats are available in many fabrics including organic cotton (T4MO, T5MO styles) hemp (TH4), wool (TTW2) and nylon (LT5B, LTM6, LTM5). They also come in a choice of colours and of course sizes. With such a great range of styles, colours and fabrics available, it can be hard to decide which Tilley hat to choose. To make things a little easier, we have created a helpful table here so you can easily compare our range of Tilley Hats across features such as weight, brim size and colours.


    I know we promised 7 reasons why we love Tilley hats but we struggled to narrow it down to just 7, so here are 3 bonus reasons…



    The secret pocket in the crown is Velcro© sealed and is ideal for when you are travelling and need somewhere to store your cash, credit cards or hotel keys… just don’t forget where you’ve put them!

    Tilley LTM5



    Back in 1980, Alex Tilley was overseeing the creation of the first Tilley hat and he had 5 clear objectives. He wanted to create a ‘proper hat’ which would float, stay on, be unsinkable, last indefinitely and look attractive. As you can see from the list above he certainly achieved his ambitions! The non-absorbent foam liner in the crown not only adds buoyancy and fulfils the floating criterion but it also offers head protection too.


    10. WASHABLE

    Considering the wear you can expect to get from it, you will be delighted to hear Tilley hats are washable. Most Tilley Hats can be cleaned at home however the TTW2 style is Dry Clean Only. Full instructions on how to care for a Tilley Hat can be found here.


    So there you have it, our 7 reasons why we simply love Tilley Hats! If you are already a proud owner of a Tilley hat, we would love to hear why you love your Tilley hat!

    If you would like to know more about these world class hats please get in touch (01254 822 220 or and we can provide further information and advice.


  • Which Tilley hat to buy?

    With a range of colours, fabrics and styles to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which Tilley Hat to choose.

    To make things a little easier, we have created this comparison table so you can easily compare our range of Tilley Hats across features such as weight, brim size and colours.






    Tilley T4MO Khaki


    98% Organic Cotton

    2% Spandex

    Front: 3 ½” 

    Back:  3 ½”

    Sides: 2 ½”



    UPF 50+

    3.7 oz /

    105 g

    Tilley T5MO Khaki


    98% Organic Cotton

    2% Spandex

    Front: 2 ⅝”

    Back:  2 ¾” 

    Sides: 2 ⅛”



    UPF 50+

    3.5 oz /

    99 g

    Tilley LT5B Stone


    95% Nylon

    5% Spandex

    Front: 2 ⅝”

    Back:  2 ¾”

    Sides: 2 ⅛”


    UPF 50+

    3 oz /

    85 g

    Tilley LTM6 Khaki


    100% Supplex Nylon

    100% Polyester Mesh

    Front: 3 ½”

    Back:  3 ½”

    Sides: 2 ½”



    UPF 50+

    3 oz /

    85 g

    Tilley LTM5 Olive


    100% Supplex Nylon

    100% Polyester Mesh

    Front: 2 ⅝” 

    Back:  2 ¾”

    Sides: 2 ⅛”



    UPF 50+

    3 oz /

    85 g

    Tilley TH4


    100% Hemp

    Front: 3 ½”

    Back:  3 ½”

    Sides: 2 ½”


    UPF 50+

    5.9 oz /

    167 g


    71% Wool

    18% Polyester

    12% Polyutherane

    Front: 2 ⅝”

    Back:  2 ¾”

    Sides: 2 ⅛”




    4.8 oz /

    136 g

    The broader brim styles (T4MO, LTM6 TH4) offer maximum shade from the sun, whilst the medium brim styles (T5MO, LTM5 and TTW2) are perfect if you're active and need a hat that stays put.

    Whilst there are differences between the Tilley hats, they all share the same quality craftsmanship and Guarantee for Life.

    If you would like any further information about our range of Tilley hats, please call 01254 822 220 or email and we will be more than happy to help.






    For two years specialist, British boot-maker Altberg have been quietly planning, designing and refining their first collection of shoes and we are delighted to announce we have the Pathfinder Trek, Pathfinder Trail and Jorvik Trail shoes in store now.

    Altberg have used their classic boot making skills and ‘know how’ to produce a range of high-quality walking shoes which we are sure will be a hit with our customers.

    The new Altberg shoes have all the classic features associated with this much-loved brand – quality materials, great fit, micro soles and strong midsoles.

    Our award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting Service can help you to select the most comfortable size.



    Altberg shoes - Pathfinder Trail

    The Altberg Pathfinder Trail is designed for low to medium well-trodden tracks and trails. The ‘micro-fibre’ upper is a non-leather extremely breathable material and when combined with the micro sole, it makes the Pathfinder Trail shoe the most lightweight piece of footwear Altberg have ever produced.

    Micro-fibre has been used for many years in running and training shoes because it’s breathable, durable and well ‘tried and tested’.


    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Highly breathable micro-fibre upper with a suede finish
    • Vibram® rubber leisure sole with micro cushion mid-layer – the Vibram® leisure sole is a hybrid that combines lifestyle and trekking
    • Hydrophilic fabric lining and waterproof membrane
    • Trekking grade midsole which gives it good torsional support for uneven terrain
    • Lacing down to the toe to facilitate a wider range of foot widths and volumes



    Altberg shoes - Pathfinder Trek

    The Pathfinder Trek is designed for walking on tracks and well-trodden upland trails where conditions are not too severe.


    • Lightweight
    • Full grain Nubuck leather upper – water repellent European leather
    • Trekking grade midsole which gives it good torsional support for uneven terrain
    • Waterproof lining with a moisture and grit resistant bellows tongue
    • Soft leather around the ankle for extra comfort
    • Vibram® rubber leisure sole with micro cushion mid-layer – the Vibram® leisure sole is a hybrid that combines lifestyle and trekking
    • Lacing down to the toe to facilitate a wider range of foot widths and volumes




    Altberg shoes Jorvik Trail

    The Jorvik Trail leisure walking shoe has been designed to perform equally well on the hill or the street.


    • Lightweight
    • Supportive
    • Breathable
    • Seamless, one-piece construction made from first-grade 1.6-1.8mm Italian Nappone full grain leather
    • Sympatex waterproof lining
    • Vibram Masai sole with Tri-flex midsole offers strong support and traction


    Our Specialist Boot Fitting Service can help you to find the most comfortable fit and size for you, call 01254 822 220 to make an appointment or to find out more information about this exciting new range of Altberg shoes.



  • #walk500miles


    If you haven’t started Country Walking’s #walk1000miles challenge or find it a bit daunting, why not consider the newly launched #walk500miles? It’s fun, free, flexible and the perfect excuse to get out walking even more!

    All you have to do is walk 500 miles before the end of summer (or the end of the year).  Country Walking have estimated that you could reach this milestone by walking just an hour a day, there’s even an instant daily miles target calculator to help you keep on track. To keep a running tally of those all important miles, you will find a Tracker Chart inside your copy of their magazine.

    So what miles count towards the total I hear you say? Well, according to Country Walking, it’s up to you…

    “Some people – particularly those starting from a lower fitness level – are counting every step while others are only counting planned walks beyond their everyday pottering. Others still count only the miles they cover with walking boots on – that’s what people mean when they refer to ‘boots on’ miles. It’s up to you.”

    That means you could include those daily walks with the dog or to the pub- you could clock up miles without really noticing!


    Copyright Country Walking Magazine


    Pretty impressive statistics in the image above – over 90% of people who have signed up say they feel a greater sense of self-esteem through walking regularly, two-thirds report greater body confidence and that’s not to mention the amazing health benefits associated with walking.

    If you would like to find out more about this fantastic challenge, please click on the link  –

    If you have already signed up, please get in touch ( we would love to hear from you and find out about your progress and how you are finding the challenge so far!

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