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Specialist Boot Fitting Service

We understand the importance of properly fitted, supportive footwear and its impact on the comfort of your feet and the enjoyment of your walk. Customers travel from across the country to take advantage of our multi award-winning specialist boot fitting service and years of experience.

Our free specialist boot fitting service was recently acknowledged by industry professionals at the Footwear Industry Awards where we won the national award of ‘Best Independent Outdoor Footwear Retailer 2017’ for the third time.  We are also proud winners of the Walk magazine reader award for ‘Best Independent Outdoors Retailer’ (Gold) for two years running.

Medical professionals including Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropodists regularly refer patients to see us for our ability to help people with medical conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Arthritis and knee, hip and back problems. We are able to find footwear and insoles to help reduce the discomfort of these conditions and promote overall wellbeing.


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Our specially trained fitters have received training from some of the leading podiatrists and training professionals in the country. After an initial discussion with you about what you type of footwear you would like, the activities you need the footwear for and any pre-existing foot concerns, we take ten detailed measurements to identify your foot length, width and volume.

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We interpret the measurements taken and assess the foot shape and type. Using our state of the art technology we also examine the pressure distribution across the foot and identify arch height. Analysing the foot in this way gives us insight into how the foot is moving and what can be done to stabilise and support the foot inside the footwear.

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Once the measurements and analysis are complete we use our in- depth knowledge of the brands and footwear styles to recommend the most suitable footwear for your feet and chosen activity. We have footwear available in 5 different widths and half sizes which gives us many different fitting options. We stock walking boots and shoes from the high quality brands Alt-Berg, Meindl, Hanwag, Scarpa and Salomon.

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Using specialist machinery, footwear can be gently steamed and stretched for a custom fit. This process is done in store, whilst you wait and only takes about 10 minutes. Customising the fit of the footwear in this way is particularly helpful for people who suffer from bunions or heel spurs.

Why is Measuring Important?


It is an unfortunate misconception that walking boots and shoes are inherently uncomfortable and blisters and bruises are an inevitable part of walking long distances. We have proven time and again, if footwear is properly fitted and the foot adequately supported, you can walk in comfort and not worry about your feet!

There is no universal standardisation of footwear sizing – a size 10 walking boot/shoe in one brand will not necessarily be the same size or have the same fit, as a size 10 in another. Even footwear from the same brand will differ in terms of fit due to the different lasts used to make them.

Size is not the only factor to consider when purchasing footwear. In order to have comfortable feet, foot width, foot volume, arch height, heel width and other dimensions must be considered. Footwear varies hugely across these dimensions, for example some boots/shoes are wider at the front of the foot and narrower at the heel, while others are more standard across the whole foot. Our Specialist Boot Fitters understand the differences in the footwear and they use their in-depth knowledge of the lasts to match your foot to the footwear as closely as possible.

If the footwear is not the correct size or does not match the foot shape, it can result in blisters and very sore toes in the short term. Continuing to wear footwear that does not fit properly can lead to lasting negative effects on the foot, such as bunions. Ill fitting footwear can also aggravate existing foot conditions such as Metatarsalgia, Hammertoe and Morton’s neuroma.

It is therefore vital to have your feet measured, which is why we do not recommend purchasing footwear online unless you have purchased the style before and you already know it will fit.

Don’t guess what footwear will suit you best – book an appointment with us to make sure your feet are comfortable and well supported! Call 01254 822220 or email now!


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