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  • Free socks for Father’s!

    To celebrate Father's Day, we are offering Father's a chance to get a FREE pair of walking socks when purchasing footwear.

    All you have to do is book an appointment for our multi-award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting & Customisation Service by Father's Day evening and quote the code 'FATHER'.

    The fitting can take place anytime in the next 4 months, so you get to choose a time that’s convenient for you!

    Booking an appointment couldn't be easier! Click on the button below or give us a call on 01254 822220 and we will be more than happy to make an appointment for you!

    Terms & Conditions

    • Father’s get a free pair of socks when purchasing footwear following a Specialist Boot Fitting appointment
    • All appointments must be requested by Sunday 16th June 2019 at 23:59 and quote the code ‘FATHER’
    • All appointments must take place by Sunday 20th October 2019 and during normal shop opening times
    • A ‘Free Socks’ voucher will be included in the appointment confirmation email. This voucher must be presented to the fitter during the fitting or at the end of the fitting when purchasing the footwear.
    • One pair of free socks per Father
    • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
    • This offer is available whilst stocks last
    • We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this promotion at any time
  • A Lap of Lancashire

    We had the pleasure of meeting and fitting walking boots for Blackburn Rovers Community Trust's deputy CEO David Dunwell, who set off today on a 120 mile trip around Lancashire in aid of men's mental health.

    From Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th June, David will be walking across the county visiting much-loved football clubs along the way in the hope the football community will back the cause.

    From start to finish, David will be completing this challenge (including camping every night) on his own to raise awareness concerning the social isolation and feelings of loneliness that so often accompanies mental health issues. 

    Inspired by his efforts to raise awareness and money for such a worthy cause, we wanted to find out more. We asked David how he has been preparing for the challenge, if he's picked up any walking tips, what he hopes to achieve and more. 

    What inspired you to do A Lap of Lancashire?

    First and foremost I felt there was more provision needed to support middle-aged men at high-risk or currently suffering from mental health issues. Some of the statistics around suicide in men are crazy and I feel there needs to be more done to improve the current situation and challenge the status-quo.

    In my current role I spend a lot of time completing funding bids to support new projects, but on this occasion I felt that I could generate some good awareness whilst raising money and the idea just stemmed from there.

    I’m not a cyclist or a runner but I do love the outdoors and walking and it’s one of the things in my life that helps me de-stress, so that mixed with my football background led me to this challenge in particular!

    I know it’s going to be really tough but I am hopeful that the money raised will really change some lives.

    How have you been preparing for the lap of lancashire?

    Walking, walking and more walking.

    I’ve been trying to get as many miles in as possible but it has proved difficult having a demanding job and an even more demanding little boy.

    In the 52 days running up to the walk I have planned to try and cover 500 training miles and I am pretty much on track to do so. Where I’ve not been able to do as many miles I’ve been trying to carry a bit of extra weight in my back pack.

    I’ve been learning how to take care of my body to ensure I can cover the mileage and the new boots have definitely helped my feet!

    The dog has been loving how much he’s been out and about exploring beautiful rural Lancashire!

    What do you envisage being the most challenging aspect?

    It has been tough getting the sponsorships in to try and reach my funding goal but something that has been overcome with a bit of time committed.

    I think there is a difficulty in the fact it will be quite a lonely experience, which is purposeful to replicate the social isolation people struggling with mental health face.

    I think the toughest part will simply be covering the miles with the weight, particularly around the hilly areas. Some days I will be covering up to 30 miles with a roughly 10kg load which is a lot of time on my feet and pressure on my leg/back muscles.

    Have you picked up any walking tips?

    I’ve definitely picked bits up and also learnt a lot from trial and error.

    Learning how to make sure my body doesn’t get to sore or rub or managing my kit in different weathers (and I’ve seen them all during this training period!). I actually found the experience of getting my boots fitted fascinating and learning about how wrongly fitting shoes can make such a difference!

    I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more as I stumble through the real thing!

    Lap of Lancashire Fitting

    What do you hope to achieve?

    Most importantly I hope to raise awareness of mental health, particularly for middle-aged men.

    Secondly, I’d like to raise at least £2,000 to kick-start a new regularly attended project (hopefully more!) to be hosted at Ewood Park and give the opportunity for like-minded men to ‘chew the phat’ and socialise to de-stress and improve their mental health.

    How can people donate to the cause?

    They can visit my Just Giving page: or if they’d like to get in touch they can do so on or 01254 508133.

  • Forest Bathing

    The name may conjure up some unusual images in your mind but Forest bathing does not require you to wear a swimming suit, unless you fancy it!  

    The only requirement for Forest bathing is to spend time in a forest, wood or park. By reconnecting with nature in this way you can reap the physical and mental benefits.

    What is forest bathing?

    The term Forest Bathing comes from the literal translation of the Japanese term Shinrin Yoku, Shinrin means “forest” and Yoku translates to“Bath”. In practise it means to spend time in a forest or woodland and to be mindful of all the sights, sounds and smells of nature. 

    Forest bathing is taken very seriously in Japan. In the 1980’s the Japanese government conducted scientific studies into the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in forests. The positive results of this research led to the Japanese government introducing Forest bathing as a national health programme and it is now considered an integral part of preventive health care in Japanese medicine. 

    Whilst the term Forest Bathing may sound like a new craze here in the UK, the principles behind it are not. The practice of prescribing time in nature for the betterment of health predates the research supporting it. Since the 1600’s, people suffering from nervousness or somatic illnesses were offered the opportunity to spend time in a natural environment to help improve their condition. Even the Ancient Romans realised that contact with nature helps people to cope with urban noise and congestion.

    With the increasing amount of time spent indoors, in urban environments and distracted by electronic devices, Forest bathing represents a welcome return to the outdoors and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

    Image courtesy of Andy Pritchard

    What are the health benefits?

    A growing number of studies have found positive associations with spending time in green spaces, such as forests and a host of physical and mental health benefits, these include;

    • Reduced levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.
    • Reduced risk of health problems attributable to chronic stress
    • Decrease subjective stress and negative emotions such as depression, fatigue, general anxiety, uncertainty and tension
    • Improve mood and attention
    • Strengthening of the immune system through contact with nature
    • Lower blood pressure and pulse rate
    • Positive changes in cardiovascular risk factors as a result of stress recovery
    • Reduced exposure to noise and air pollution

    "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks"

    John Muir

    Why is forest bathing good for you?

    We all have our own reasons for why spending time in nature help us to deal with the daily stressors in our lives and make us feel better but scientists have sought to delve deeper into understanding why this might be.

    When analysing the research in this field, scientists discovered that much of the literature on forest bathing and it’s positive effect on wellbeing can be explained by plant chemicals known as phytoncides.

    It is believed that when we walk through forests, we are exposed to phytoncides (natural oils) released by the trees. These natural oils are part of the plant’s defence system against bacteria, insects and fungi. According to Japanese medical doctor and researcher Qing Li, breathing in these substances can have measurable health benefits for humans. Walking in forests with evergreen trees such as pine, spruce and conifers would seem to be the most beneficial as these trees produce the largest amount of phytoncides.

    Two theories that focus more on the psychological processes underlying the benefits of spending time in nature are Stress Reduction Theory (SRT) by Roger Ulrich and Attention Restoration Theory (ART) by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan.

    According to SRT, spending time in natural environments helps with restoration and recovery from stress. Looking at natural elements or being in an unthreatening natural environment activates positive emotions and feelings such as interest and calm which in turn decreases feelings of stress and reduces elevated physiological responses such as heart rate and blood pressure.

    Attention Restoration Theory also believes spending time in nature has a restorative effect by helping to clear your mind, focus your attention and facilitate reflection. According to research the process of reflection whereby one “takes stock” of life is considered crucial for resilience in times of adversity.

    Whilst there has been a lot of research which supports the health benefits of forest bathing, the precise mechanisms are yet to be fully understood and more research is required to improve our understanding.

    How do I practice forest bathing?

    The great news is Forest bathing is easy, anyone can do it.

    Put simply, Forest bathing is spending time in a forest, wood or park.

    You don’t have to hug the trees, unless you want to of course, then by all means go ahead!

    The aim is to slow down, take your time and reconnect with the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

    Choosing a quieter time of day to visit a natural environment can really help to encourage a sense of relaxation and calm.

    Whilst the recommended time of two hours for a forest bathing session may seem unachievable for some, it is possible to make a difference to your sense of wellbeing after a shorter period of time.

    You could easily incorporate Forest bathing whilst out on a walk by going a little slower through areas of woodland or forest and taking in your surroundings along the way.

    No forests nearby? No problem! Whilst going to a forest has the strongest beneficial effects, you can practice Forest bathing in any green area such as an urban park. Research conducted by Yoshifumi Miyazaki, a professor at Chiba University and author of a book "Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese Way of Forest Bathing for Health and Relaxation" has found that similar beneficial effects can even by achieved by keeping indoor plants on your desk at work.

    Give Forest bathing a go and see how you feel afterwards!


    The National Trust has a page on their website dedicated to Forest bathing, with suggestions on forests to visit -

    Forestry England have teamed up with Kate Humble (as shown in the video above) to promote how the nation’s forests can benefit you -

    Lots of useful information about the health benefits of forests -

    Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness by Dr Qing Li

    Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese Way of Forest Bathing for Health and Relaxation by Yoshifumi Miyazaki


  • Easter Opening Hours

    IMG 7536

    Whilst we can’t quite believe it’s Easter already (where has the year gone) we are looking forward to getting out on the hills this Bank Holiday weekend!

    To help you plan your Easter, here are our Easter Opening hours;

    Good Friday – Closed
    Saturday – 10 am until 5 pm
    Easter Sunday – Closed
    Easter Monday – Closed
    Tuesday – 10 am until 5 pm

    Don’t worry, we still have Specialist Boot Fitting appointments available before Easter but hurry, we get booked up fast! Book online now to secure your appointment before the Bank Holiday weekend.

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Easter!

  • 12 Christmas Special Offers

    12 Christmas Special Offers

    Treat yourself this Christmas with our fantastic special offers in store! 

    Offers marked with * are also available online.

    Ladies Páramo Torres Gilet


    Men's Páramo Ostro fleece


    Women's Páramo Alize + fleece


    Women's Lowa Sassa Shoe


    Men's Lowa Arco
    Point 6 Ski and Snowboard Socks



    Healthy Back Bags


    Lowa Sassa Mid


    Lowa Arco Mid
    Trekmates Cairngorm Gaiters


    Trekmates boot bag


    Sidas drywarmers


    Montane Men's Featherlite Jacket


    Women's Montane Featherlite Jacket


    *Offers also available online.

    ** Selected colours only

  • Christmas Opening Hours

    As a family business we have chosen to close over Christmas and New Year. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We will close at 5 pm on Sunday 23rd December and re-open at 10 am on Wednesday 2nd January.

    There’s still time to make sure you have comfortable walking footwear and clothes for those festive New Year walks – give us a call on 01254 822220 or make an appointment online.

    All online orders received after 4 pm on Saturday 22nd December will be processed when we re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

    From everyone at Whalley Warm & Dry, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


  • You are invited to our Footwear Event

    Footwear Event 2018

    We are very pleased to invite you to our Footwear Event taking place in-store from the Thursday 20th September until Sunday 30th September.

    We will have fantastic special offers on footwear, insoles and more!

    Experience our multi-award winning Specialist Boot Fitting service and see our exclusive Alt-Berg walking boots and the new season Páramo! Don’t miss out, book your boot fitting appointment now!



    We are very excited to announce that not only are we officially the largest stockist of Alt-berg walking boots in the UK but we have Alt-berg walking boots exclusive to us. These limited edition boots cannot be found anywhere else!

    Buy a pair of Alt-berg walking boots during our Footwear Event and you will receive 2 free leather care waxes & 1 free boot brush plus half-price socks!



    It’s a new season and we have the latest Páramo including the new Men’s & Women’s Velez Evolution Smock.

    This multi-season jacket delivers full winter weather protection, innovative ventilation and fantastic versatility, plus they come in a choice of colours – check them out for yourself and let us know what you think.

    Don’t miss out on the other great additions to the Páramo range.

    Book your boot fitting appointment now – we look forward to seeing you in store!

  • Stunning new addition to the shop!

    Canvas print

    We had the pleasure of fitting Andy Pritchard with walking boots recently. During the fitting Liz and Andy discussed his passion for photography and we were delighted this week when we received a stunning canvas print of one of his photos. The photo of Pendle Hill was taken near Downham in January 2015 and the canvas is now proudly hung in the shop for everyone to see on their next visit to the shop!

    You can see more of Andy’s photos here…/andypri…/16122719518/in/dateposted/

    Here’s what Andy had to say about his recent visit to Whalley Warm & Dry for our Specialist Boot Fitting service…


    ‘I’d been researching boots on the internet and my Wife reminded me of Whalley Warm and Dry’. We had a ride over to Whalley and spoke to Peter who recommended that I booked an appointment for a full measure and fitting, so I booked an appointment.

    When I turned up, Shona was really welcoming and took me up to the boot department, made me a coffee and introduced me to Liz. I have never had my feet checked over so thoroughly for a pair of new boots, every measurement taken and recorded, pressure that I put through my feet and where those pressures were too. Throughout the fitting we got talking about my hobby which I wanted the boots for, which is photography, I do many genres and need sturdy waterproof boots as I go on moors and all manner of different surfaces. Liz loved my photos that she viewed on my phone, and we struck up a great rapport. The correct boots were recommended for my foot shape and size, and Peter even steamed the leather and adjusted them to my foot shape, they really fit my feet like putting on a glove.

    Whalley Warm and Dry’s customer service is brilliant and I had an image that I decided to get printed as a large canvas for the shop, I thought it fitted with what the shop is about, and that is keeping people warm and dry. I had the pleasure of going over to the shop and seeing my photograph proudly displayed. I had the camera in the car and we managed to get the team to pose outside the shop for these images with the photo.

    I am delighted to be associated with the shop and the team as both a customer and supplier of photography.’Thank you to everyone at Whalley Warm and Dry, and please keep up the good work, I wouldn’t have received the service that I got, nor a fully adjusted boot from the internet’.



    a beginners guide to walking

    Welcome to Whalley Warm & Dry's 'Beginners Guide to Walking'. We hope this guide will give you the information and inspiration you need to take up this fantastic hobby. As Charles Dickens once said, "Walk to be healthy, walk to be happy".

    Studies have shown that walking has some pretty amazing health benefits, from lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s, to beating those sugary cravings and even reducing  your risk of early death! Hippocrates was right "walking is the best medicine.”

    Walking is the perfect activity for all ages and abilities and you can do it almost anywhere at any time. You can easily incorporate it into your daily life and once you've bought the essentials, it's free - no endless monthly gym fees!

    With some help from our wonderful customers, we have created this beginners guide to walking packed with useful hints and tips to help get you started. 

    1. happy feet = happy walker!

    Footwear is the number one priority in terms of kit and is certainly not a step to be skipped or rushed. If you don’t choose walking footwear correctly you end up with sore toes and blisters, plus you’re out of pocket- ouch! Our customers often complain that prior to visiting us they have spent a small fortune amassing a wardrobe full of ill-fitting footwear that they cannot bare to wear. It therefore pays in comfort, money and time to be properly fitted for walking boots or shoes.

    If you’re footwear has been properly fitted, you won’t need to go through the agony of “breaking-in” the boots.

    Unfortunately there is an inherent myth that blisters are inevitable in walking footwear but this is not true. It is possible with properly fitting, appropriate footwear to avoid the endurance test that walking can become when you have blisters and sore feet. If you’re finding the boots/shoes very painful to wear, we highly recommend reviewing the fit of the footwear – they may be too small, too big, too wide, too narrow, too deep or too shallow, not to mention the wrong shape.

    Our award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting service can help you to remove the guesswork from buying footwear and ensure you get the right size, width, volume and shape for your feet. We have over 170 different fitting options for you to choose from in store including walking boots available in 5 different widths, plus half sizes. To book a Specialist Boot Fitting appointment please call 01254 822 220 or email

    "[Get] a decent pair of boots professionally fitted by a reputable company!” 

    Janet Wilkinson


    Invest in the best waterproof you can afford - you won't regret it! Páramo waterproofs are a favourite amongst walkers and they beat other brands for water resistance, breathability, comfort, durability, fit and warmth when tested by Which? magazine.

    Páramo’s unique and innovative system uses Nikwax Analogy fabrics which wick moisture away and keeps you warm, dry from the rain and perspiration and comfortable rather than the hot, sweaty mess some waterproofs seem to induce. Watch the video below to understand how it works differently to other brands, including those that rely on a Goretex membrane.

    “Buy the best kit you can afford,  it’s not a luxury, it’s essential; you’ll only end up buying twice if you go cheap!”

    AJ Watts

    “Don’t climb mountains in jeans especially in winter. If you get wet they won’t dry and you will get very cold. Get the right gear.” 

    Meryl Rowlinson

    “Wear suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions and ensure you carry dry clothes, hat and gloves in a “dry bag” inside your rucksack. Rucksacks are not generally waterproof so a large “dry bag” makes an excellent liner.”

    Adrian Clark

    3. be prepared and don't rely on your mobile

    The UK is a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes just waiting for you to discover. Follow the Scout motto of 'be prepared' and you will ensure you stay safe whilst exploring.  

    Plan your route before you set off, check the forecast and make sure you bring a map, compass and a fully charged phone. It’s important not to be completely reliant on your phone when it comes to navigation.  Many map apps rely on active data connections which may not always be possible in remote locations. The GPS function on your phone can very quickly drain your battery, which could leave you without power to make an emergency call. Ordnance Survey do have a mapping app that shows the complete details of the area and will work with no data connection however we would strongly advise taking a map and compass just in case you have problems with your phone.

    If you're map reading skills are a little rusty, don't be deterred - there's a whole host of great resources online to help, including videos like the one below by Ordnance Survey.

    “Plan ahead, check the forecast and listen to your instincts. Know when it’s going to get dark and how long it’ll take you to walk. Register with the emergency text service, switch phone to airplane mode while walking to preserve battery if needed in an emergency.”

    Barbara Garrett

    “Always make sure you take a map and compass and know how to use them for when the batteries on your GPS/Smart phone let you down.” 

    Dave Armitage

    “Preparation is the key. Always carefully plan your route and don’t over estimate your ability especially if you are walking alone. Tell a friend where you intend to park, your route and your estimated return time. Leave a route card in a visible place. Don’t forget that you can always turn round and try another day if conditions deteriorate. MWIS is an excellent weather app, available online and ideal for the Lakes and Dales. Always carry a head torch, spare batteries and a basic first aid kit containing small scissors and Compeed. Wrap a length of duct tape around your water bottle or walking pole and carry a length of string or paracord. Register your phone with the emergency services and store in a ziplock bag in an internal pocket.... IPhones are subject to shutting down and becoming useless in cold conditions or when overheated if left in hot sunshine. Never rely on phone GPS. Always carry a map in a waterproof case or print off the map sheets you require and laminate them. A GPS can be handy to find exactly where you are in an emergency.”

    Adrian Clark

    Go and buy Mountaincraft and Leadership by Eric Langmuir recently updated, full of all the detail and techniques you’ll need to stay safe in the mountains, year round. Essential. Book on a MLTB course, great fun and worth every penny even if you’re never going to guide parties of folk, it’s skills you’ll learn that could make a difference.” 

    Pedro Bobkat


    Make sure you take lots of water, two litres per person is recommended for a full day of walking, this allowance must be increased when walking in warmer weather.

    If you're going on a big walk, bring snacks to keep your energy levels up. You can't beat a well deserved drink and a little treat en route!

    “Carry a toffee crisp or similar at all times. And a compass.”

    Jo Marshall

    “Always take more water than you think you will need.

    Richard Stangroom

    “Carry enough food and high energy snacks for emergencies... jelly babies are great. Consider a filter bottle for emergencies. “Water to go” do an excellent bottle which will filter the nastiest water and make it drinkable.” 

    Adrian Clark


    The camaraderie and support from walking groups such as The Ramblers or Walking for Health can help you to achieve your fitness goals and they are a great way to discover new walking routes.

    There are loads [of walking clubs] around catering for all abilities who provide an organized walking calendar, led by informative, experienced leaders accessible to all levels of walkers. Whether walking with friends or on your own - club walks are a great way to get out and enjoy walking with confidence.”

    Gill Byrom


    You don't need to wear two pairs of walking socks, just one good quality pair of technical walking socks that will help wick the moisture away from your feet and provide good cushioning. 

    Avoid wearing cotton socks as they are not very effective at wicking the moisture away and create an inhospitable environment for your feet when you’re out walking.  

    Make sure your chosen socks are close fitting, particularly around the heel so they don’t gather and cause you to be uncomfortable.

    “Good socks are just as important as good boots.”

    Ali Hampson

    “Take spare socks rather than spare gloves; socks can be used as mittens but gloves can’t be used as socks.” 

    Nigel Lewin


    Taking the time to regularly clean and proof your gear will help ensure it stays comfortable, performs to its best and lasts a long time. Always follow the care guidance of your gear and use the right care products.

    8. LACE UP

    Whilst you might be raring to go at the start of the walk, it pays to take a moment to properly lace your footwear. Lacing will help to ensure the foot is secure inside the footwear and your toes don't bash into the front.

    You will be surprised at what a difference lacing can make to the fit and comfort of your footwear, even the best fitting footwear can be undermined by poor lacing.


    If the thought of going for a long walk fills you with dread, our advice would be simple – start small. It is better to know your limits and plan a walk accordingly. You don’t have to begin with the 3 Peaks Challenge, walking for even a few minutes a day is better than nothing and it’s a great way to build up fitness levels.

    10. HAVE FUN!

    Getting out in the great outdoor is not only good for you, it's lots of fun too! Walking gives you the opportunity to explore new parts of the country, away from the busy roads. You will discover breathtaking landscapes. 

    “Enjoy yourself. Stop and soak up the views every now and then!"

    Barbara Garrett

    11. last but not least...

    We couldn't finish our beginners guide to walking without including these sage pieces of advice submitted by our wonderful customers.

    Don’t cross stepping stones when husband is nearby. He just can’t help throwing stones into the water to make splashes. Yes.... I have fallen in.....several times.”

    Amanda Smith

    “Travel light, travel far”

    Pedro Bobkat

    “Check the pub opening/closing times”

    Steve Dean

    “Don’t stand in puddles you can’t see the bottom of”

    Michael Bee

    So there you have it, Whalley Warm & Dry's beginners guide to walking. We hope it's helped to give you the hints and tips you need to start walking and inspire you to get out in the great outdoors and explore!

    If you have any questions about starting walking or would like to know more about how our award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting service can help you, please get in touch (01254 822 220 / we are more than happy to help!

  • Help us to help the homeless

    pexels photo 384553

    As we approach the 21 st of December and the official start of Winter, our thoughts go out to those whose hardships are made even greater by the onset of the bitter weather – the homeless. With no permanent home, they are forced to brave plummeting temperatures and perilous conditions which can prove to be lethal.

    According to the leading homeless charity Shelter, the number of homeless people in the UK has reached a staggering 307,000, which is more than the population of Newcastle.

    At Whalley Warm & Dry we want to help make a difference to the lives of the homeless this Christmas and help them to stay warm and dry. From tomorrow until Wednesday 20th December we will be collecting donations of clean, warm clothing (fleeces, jumpers, base layers) winter hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks and unwanted footwear  (in women’s sizes 4, 5 and 6 and men’s sizes 7, 8, 9) for the local homeless charity Nightsafe. Please see below for specific details and donation suggestions.

    In addition to your kind donations, we too will be donating warm clothes, socks and footwear to Nightsafe.

    Nightsafe is based in Blackburn providing holistic services to homeless young people aged 16 to 24 in the local area. Since Nightsafe began in 1990 they have:

    • Helped 10,000 young people
    • Given 30,000 nights off the street
    • Provided 100,000 meals
    • Had 400 dedicated volunteers

    Nightsafe has four projects offering a variety of housing options and services to young people.

    1. The Shelter provides young people aged 16 to 24 a safe place to stay with resettlement support to help them find more permanent accommodation.
    2. Witton Project is a supported housing project for 16 to 18-year olds promoting life skills and supporting young people to move on into independent living.
    3. Platform 5 is a day centre for 16 to 24 years olds that provides facilities such as laundry, storage, showers and meals. It also has an educational and health promotion brief.
    4. Cornfield Cliffe is a supported housing project in Darwen providing six en-suite rooms with 24-hour support.

    Nightsafe relies on the kind support of the local community to enable them to carry out their essential work.


    You can help the lives of young homeless this Christmas by donating one or more of the following items;

    • Warm layers – items such as fleeces, jumpers, base layers
    • Winter accessories – hats, gloves, scarves
    • Warm socks
    • Footwear – in women’s sizes 4, 5 and 6 and men’s sizes 7, 8, 9

    Please could all donations be cleaned prior to dropping off with us at Whalley Warm and Dry.

    You can drop off your donations anytime during normal opening times from tomorrow until 4:30 pm on Thursday 21st December.

    If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, give us a call on 01254 822 220 or email


Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
& Sunday 12pm - 4pm