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specialist boot fitting service

Each year we attract thousands of customers from across the country, as far as the Highlands of Scotland to Cornwall. We are very proud to have welcomed people from 123 out of 124 postcode districts in the UK. But why do they travel to us, I hear you say?

  • We have won 15 national awards including ‘Best Independent Outdoor Footwear Retailer’ at the UK’s Footwear Industry Awards and ‘Retail Experience Award‘ at the Lancashire Tourism Awards.
  • We remove the guesswork from buying walking boots or shoes – we help you to choose footwear that is the right size, width, volume & shape for your feet.
  • We have walking boots available in over 170 different fittings – 5 different widths, different shapes, plus half sizes.
  • We are the largest stockist of Alt-berg walking boots in the country and even have models exclusive to us.
  • We can customise the footwear
  • You can make a day of visiting us! We have stunning walks on our doorstep – it’s a walker’s paradise!
  • We help you to enjoy walking even more by removing the worry about your feet! 


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the fitting process

step 1


Our specially trained fitters have received training from some of the leading podiatrists and training professionals in the country. After an initial discussion with you about what you type of footwear you would like, the activities you need the footwear for and any pre-existing foot concerns, we take ten detailed measurements to identify your foot length, width and volume.

step 2


We interpret the measurements taken and assess the foot shape and type. Using our state of the art technology we also examine the pressure distribution across the foot and identify arch height. Analysing the foot in this way gives us insight into how the foot is moving and what can be done to stabilise and support the foot inside the footwear.

step 3


Once the measurements and analysis are complete we use our in- depth knowledge of the brands and footwear styles to recommend the most suitable footwear for your feet and chosen activity. We have footwear available in 5 different widths and half sizes which gives us many different fitting options. We are the largest stockist of Altberg walking boots and have models exclusive to us. We also stock Meindl, Hanwag and Scarpa footwear.

step 4


Using specialist machinery, footwear can be gently steamed and stretched for a custom fit. This process is done in store, whilst you wait and only takes about 10 minutes. Customising the fit of the footwear in this way is particularly helpful for people who suffer from bunions or heel spurs.





We have walking boots available in 5 different widths (Extra Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide) plus half sizes -this gives you over 170 different fitting options to choose from!

We don’t rely on just one brand for our width fittings, we have carefully sourced walking boots from brands in the UK and across Europe so we can provide you with a range of walking boots that cater to feet of not only varying widths but shapes too. After all, it would be no help to you if we didn’t have the proper range of footwear to match your measurements to.

If you want comfortable feet on your next walk you need to consider dimensions such as foot volume, arch height, heel width and the overall shape. Footwear varies hugely across these dimensions. Our fitters use their in-depth knowledge of the brands and expertise of the footwear lasts to match your foot to the footwear as closely as possible.

Not all of our boots are on the website but we are the largest stockist of Alt-berg walking boots and we are proud to have boots and shoes from Meindl, Hanwag, Scarpa and Lowa too.


Medical professionals including Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropodists regularly refer patients to see us for our ability to help people find properly fitting footwear and supportive insoles which can help alleviate the pain associated with medical conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Arthritis and knee, hip and back problems.

walking painful feet

walking boot fitting measuring


  • We remove the guesswork from buying walking boots or shoes – we help you to choose footwear that is the right size, width, volume & shape for your feet.
  • We can save you money – we help you to avoid the expensive mistake of buying the wrong footwear.
  • We offer an after sales service that is second to none -if you have any problems with your walking boots or shoes, we strongly encourage you to return so we can help you get the fit just right.
  • We help you to enjoy walking more – you can relax when you don’t need to worry about your feet!

Happy feet = Happy walker!

Join the thousands of customers who travel to us from across the country each year and get your feet measured and your walking boots fitted by Whalley Warm & Dry.

Book your appointment now or call 01254 822 220

Your feet will thank you!

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