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Custom Made Insoles


IMPORTANT UPDATE – Appointments for custom made insoles courtesy of The Foot & Insole Specialist will not be available until further notice at their Whalley Warm & Dry Clinic. The Gisburn Clinic is still open however and we are continuing to work with them to provide you with the perfect combination of customised walking boots and custom made insoles.


We are very lucky to work with local company, The Foot & Insole Specialist.

From their clinics at Whalley Warm & Dry and in Gisburn, they can create hand-built Custom Made Insoles which are 100% tailored to your two individual feet, naturally supporting every contour of your foot, improving comfort, shock absorption, support, alignment and posture. Their assessments, insoles and advice have successfully helped to reduce the symptoms of discomfort caused by a range of medical conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis and Arthritis.

If you are purchasing footwear from Whalley Warm & Dry on the same day as buying Custom Made Insoles, we will liaise with The Foot & Insole Specialist to ensure the insoles and your new footwear work together and are comfortable and supportive and most importantly you are happy with the fit of both.

To book an appointment for Custom Made Insoles with The Foot & Insole Specialist, please click here or call 01254 824982.


step 1


Graham from The Foot & Insole Specialist, takes the time to listen and discuss your needs and requirements as an individual. The dynamic pressure distribution of your feet is scanned as you walk over our state-of-the-art pressure plate.

step 2


The correct insole is then chosen based on your pressure plate results, sole wear, gait and pathology. A selection of different insoles are available depending on your sport or activity, for example Golf, Cycling, Walking or Every day dress shoes.

step 3


A carbon copy of the foot is taken in silicone bags in which the correct, heated, thermo-plastic insole is placed and compressed by the foot into the bags. After a few minutes the custom insole has reset, this is then removed and re-inforced with one of several heel stabilisers.

step 4


The insole is then taken into the workshop where it is shaped and fitted to one or two pairs of boots or shoes. We take time to try the new insole, whilst it is worn we talk through the reasons for the insole and how long an insole should be worn for if this is your first time with custom insoles.


Biomechanical Assessment and Hand Built Custom Made Insole, including fitting to your footwear – £170

Advanced “Chain of Motion” (hips, knees & feet) Biomechanical Assessment and Hand Built Custom Made Insole, including fitting to your footwear – £220

Additional Hand Built Custom Made Insole, including fitting to your footwear (within 1 year) – £120

Insole Review is FREE for the first 2 weeks following your appointment – £35 for additional/later appointments

The Custom Made Insole process is complete in one and a half hours, while you wait. The benefits of the insoles can then be enjoyed immediately!



Custom Made Insoles are available by appointment only. To book an appointment for Custom Made Insoles from The Foot & Insole Specialist, please click on the button below or call

If you would like to book a boot fitting at the same time please call us on 01254 822220 and we will book both for you.

The Foot & Insole Specialist have two clinics to choose from including one on-site at Whalley Warm & Dry;

The Foot & Insole Clinic (at Whalley Warm & Dry)
King Street


The Foot & Insole Clinic
New House
Burnley Rd
Middop, Clitheroe




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Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5:45pm
& Saturday - 9am - 5pm.