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We stock a range of supportive, ready-to-wear and semi-customisable insoles for walking boots and shoes. These insoles will help personalise your footwear for optimum comfort and support.

The key benefits of  wearing insoles in your walking boots or shoes;

  • Support the arch and stabilise the foot
  • Help to maintain the natural alignment of the body
  • Provide shock absorption
  • Provide cushioning to the forefoot and heel


Ready-to-wear Insoles

We have a range of Sidas ready-to-wear insoles suitable for walking boots and shoes both in store and online here. These insoles are fantastic for providing support whilst not compromising on the comfort of your feet. Our range of ready-to-wear insoles includes those that have been specifically designed for either low, medium or high arches.

insoles for walking boots

We also stock insoles which have been created to absorb and disperse shock waves to reduce the impact on your joints. Shock absorption is particularly beneficial when you are walking on hard surfaces.

It is very important to ensure you wear the right insole for your feet so you get the correct level of support – not too much or too little. We strongly recommend you visit us in the store where our Specialist Boot Fitters can analyse your feet to identify your arch height and analyse the pressure distribution across the feet, before recommending the right insole for you.We can also assess if there is enough room in your walking boots or shoes to accommodate an insole comfortably – you can create excessive pressure on the foot if you wear an insole in your footwear without the adequate space required.


Semi-customisable Insoles

In our many years of experience, we have noticed that there is often a difference between feet, with one foot having a slightly higher/lower arch than the other. Our range of semi-customisable insoles, available in store, can be heat moulded to the contours of your feet in a matter of minutes, ensuring both left and right feet are getting the right level of support.


insoles for walking boots


Custom Made Insoles

We are very lucky to work alongside Graham, from The Foot & Insole Specialist who is available by appointment to create hand-built Custom Made Insoles. These bespoke insoles are created after a biomechanical analysis to ensure 100% tailored support to your two individual feet, you can find out more here.


custom made insoles for walking boots


To ensure you’re feet are properly supported, we highly recommend visiting us in store, where our Specialist Boot Fitters can assess your foot arch and pressure distribution before advising you on the most suitable supportive insole for your needs. Call 01254 822 220 to make your appointment.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5:45pm
& Saturday - 9am - 5pm.