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customisation service

We can customise the fit of our walking boots and shoes to provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort.

Just imagine how happy your feet will be in footwear personalised to fit, no more squashed toes or painful bunions!

You don't even need to wait- the customisation process is completed in store and only takes approximately ten minutes. Whilst we are hard at work, you can literally put your feet up and relax with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee!

And we haven't even mentioned the best bit - it's free! We offer free customisation on all footwear purchased from us! 

customised walking boots

The Customisation Process

Once our specially trained fitters have helped you to select footwear that is the right size, width, volume & shape for your feet as part our award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting service, then we can begin the customisation.

We use our expertise, in combination with your feedback, to assess where and how the fit can be improved.

specialist boot fitting service

It is important to note that we never customise ill-fitting footwear as a shortcut to a slightly better fit. We only customise footwear that is already feeling good but just needs a little extra adjustment and personalisation for optimum comfort.

Using our specialist machinery and years of experience, the footwear is gently steamed and stretched. This process is done in small increments to allow us to fine tune the fit.

We personalise the fit of the footwear to match the unique features and contours of your feet in a way that no footwear could match straight out of the box.

After the initial customisation we recommend the customer tries on the footwear to ensure they are happy with the fit. The fitter will also assess if the adjustments have achieved the desired result. Further steaming and stretching, again in small increments, will be carried out where necessary to achieve the optimum fit.

Custom fit walking boots

For more substantial customisation it may be necessary to adjust the fit of the boots using the specialist Italian stretching machine. Boots are left on the machine overnight for the best results. This is a highly skilled process which is undertaken by our senior fitters.

Custom Fit Boots
Custom Fit Boots

Accelerating a natural process

Customising the footwear through steaming and stretching, mimicks the natural changes that occur in footwear as part of the infamous 'breaking-in' phase. Normally heat from the feet, combined with the pressures exerted by the feet, mould the footwear (where physically possible) around the feet.

This 'breaking-in' phase can be lengthy and not only cause agony for the wearer but long-term damage to the feet. Walkers put up with this pain in the hope the footwear will soon be comfortable, unfortunately however this isn't always the case. If the footwear is a bad fit, you can endure pain without a significant improvement in comfort. 

By applying heat via the use of steam and gently exerting pressure on the footwear via stretching, we are accelerating the 'breaking-in' phase without causing you any pain or discomfort. Plus, you know the footwear is the right fit so the outcome will always be a custom fit, exceptionally comfortable pair of walking footwear.

The Benefits of Customisation

Our customers are always surprised at what a difference stretching can make to the feel of the boot or shoe - they are happy with the fit before customisation, only to have a revelation upon trying on their newly customised footwear!

Customisation takes a boot from feeling good, to really great!

More specifically, customisation offers the following benefits;

  • Relieves small pressure points and creates extra space for the specific points of the foot that need it such as little toes, bunions, hammer toes and heel spurs. In the case of bunions, we carefully create a little “pocket” for the bunion to sit in comfortably, free from pressure and discomfort.
  • Helps to ensure both left and right feet are comfortable. It is very common to have differences between the left and right feet, steaming and stretching allows us to tailor the footwear to fit each foot individually.
  • You don't need to go through an agonising 'breaking in' phase with the footwear. Choosing footwear that is the right size, width, volume and shape and having it customised to fit helps you to have have happy feet, in comfortable footwear, from day one.
  • You get a personalised boot which offers amazing comfort without the cost (or waiting list) of a fully custom boot. Discover more "Why you don't need custom made boots: you need customised walking boots".
customisation service

Frequently Asked Questions

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If the footwear needs stretching does this mean it's not a good fit?

Do I need an appointment?

walking boot customisation service

Happy feet = Happy walker!​​​​

You don't need to compromise on the fit of your footwear. You don't need to settle for footwear that fits "ok" and doesn't cause "too many problems". You don't need to worry about your feet whilst out walking.

You can discover the delight of walking in comfortable footwear that feels like it was made for you. You can have happy feet and be a happy walker!

All you have to do is book your appointment. Book online or call us on 01254 822 220 and one of our fitters will be more than happy to discuss your needs and book an appointment for you.

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