Altberg Walking Boots & Shoes

We are officially the largest stockist of Altberg walking boots and fittings in the UK. We stock Altberg walking boots in five different width fittings from Extra Narrow through to Extra Wide. We also stock Altberg walking shoes. Here you will see just some of the Altberg footwear we have in stock.

With our award winning Specialist Boot Fitting service, we can find the optimum fit for you.

Altberg is a British company who make some of the best leather walking boots in Europe. Their walking boots are available in five width fittings (from extra narrow through to extra wide) and half sizes- this provides our Specialist Boot Fitters with over 170 different fitting options for our customers to try.

Altberg has also developed a unique last (a foot shaped model around which a boot is molded, it determines the shape, volume and overall fit of the boot) which is more suited to an asymmetric foot, it is called the Altberg A-Forme Last.

Altberg is the last remaining British Bootmaker manufacturing walking boots in the UK. Due to the demand for their boots from the UK Police Forces and the UK Ministry of Defence, Alt-berg have a second factory in the Treviso region of Northern Italy where bootmaking is still a thriving industry, and components, materials and skills are readily available. Their factories are small and this enables them to give their full attention to every pair of boots they make.

Altberg boots are a testament to skills and knowledge built up over many years. Mike Sheehan, the owner and founder, has been making boots for over 40 years.

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