Páramo Baselayers

Men’s Paramo baselayers offer great versality and are designed to work perfectly with the rest of the range.

Men’s Paramo Grid baselayers are made from an incredibly versatile polyester fabric which can provide either cooling or insulation when needed. The fabric wicks very effectively, spreading perspiration over a large area and drying out rapidly. The raised grid pattern traps air for insulation when covered with a windproof layer, but when worn alone allows air to circulate next to the skin for cooling.

Men’s Paramo Cambia baselayers are not only lightweight and stretchy but reversible too, offering two levels of cooling. The asymmetrical, wicking fabric directs water from one face to the other as well as rapidly spreading moisture to speed up evaporation and the resultant cooling. The robust fabric resists ‘pulls’ that baselayers can be prone to.

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