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walking boots for bunions

We have successfully helped thousands of men and women with bunions to find comfortable walking boots so they can get out and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their feet!

walking boots for bunions

why is it such a challenge to find comfortable walking boots when you have bunions?​

The key to having happy feet when out on a walk is to find boots that fit you properly. Whilst this might seem like it should be a simple task, we both know that unfortunately it isn't. To ensure you get comfortable walking boots you need to consider dimensions such as foot volume, arch height, heel width, foot shape, not to mention overall size. When you have bunions this can complicate what is already a bit of an engineering exercise! To make matters even worse, you normally don't have much choice in walking boots and instead you are faced with the following dilemma;

  • Choice One - buy a much wider walking boot than you actually need to try and accommodate the size of the bunion but then risk having too much space elsewhere in the boot causing the feet move around inside the walking boots resulting in blisters.
  • Choice Two -squash the foot into walking boots that don’t accommodate the bunion and aggravate it, potentially making the bunion(s) grow bigger and become more painful. 

To surmise, buying walking boots when you have bunions can be a recipe for disaster... until now! 

the easy choice - walking boots for bunions

You no longer have to compromise on the fit of the walking boots for the sake of bunions. At Whalley Warm & Dry we have a range of walking boots (and shoes) specially designed for people who suffer from bunions.

walking boots for bunions

Our selection of bunion friendly walking boots provide more room at the big toe joint and they have a particularly soft leather lining with no aggravating seams around the bunion.

"If you have a bunion, one of the most important things you can do is to wear the right footwear."


We don't just have walking boots for bunions, we also have a great selection of walking boots and shoes in different shapes, widths and volumes that might be suitable for you too! As part of our multi award-winning Specialist Boot Fitting service, our specially trained boot fitters take ten detailed measurements of your feet before recommending  which of our boots (some of which are online for you to view) will be the most appropriate for you.

we measure

Our fitters have lots of experience of fitting people who have bunions, they help to take the guesswork out of buying walking footwear.

free customisation

Not only do we have a fantastic selection of walking boots in 5 different widths, boots specially designed for bunions and a multi-award winning Specialist Boot Fitting Service but we can personalise the fit of all our walking boots by gently steaming and stretching the footwear to improve the comfort even more!

customise walking boots for bunions

Customising the fit of the footwear in this way is great for relieving any small pressure points.

We do not customise ill fitting footwear as a shortcut to a slightly better fit, we only customise footwear that is already feeling good but just needs a little extra adjustment and personlisation for optimum comfort.

Stretching walking boots is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from bunions. We carefully create a little “pocket” for the bunion to sit in comfortably, free from pressure and discomfort. 

Personalising your boots  is done in store, whilst you wait, and only takes about 10 minutes.

"Our customers are always surprised at what a difference stretching can make to the feel of a boot- it takes a boot from feeling good, to great!"

We may even be able to stretch your everyday shoes purchased from elsewhere. Our fitters will assess the fit of the footwear and the suitability of the footwear for stretching before proceeding. We do charge £20 for customising footwear purchased elsewhere. If the footwear needs to be left on our specialised equipment overnight for stretching it costs £40 per pair of shoes. 

support your feet

Using the latest technology, our fitters can analyse the pressure distribution of your feet and identify your arch height. 

support walking boots for bunions

Following this analysis you will have the choice of trying the walking boots on with a supportive insole. Our range of ready-to-wear and semi-customisable insoles are designed to help redistribute pressures associated with bunions and support the foot arch.

We also work in close partnership with ​The Foot & Insole Specialist who can hand-build fully custom insoles in just over an hour. Following a full biomechanical analysis of your feet, they will make an insole which is 100% tailored to your two individual feet. These insoles not only provide support but gently align the foot and alleviate pressure on the often painful bunion.  

custom insoles walking boots for bunions

Following your appointment with The Foot & Insole Specialist we will make sure the insoles and walking boots work well together. 

If you would like to have fully custom made insoles, please book a separate insoles appointment here.

Wearing insoles in combination with properly fitting walking boots, can really help to improve the comfort of your feet.

don't let bunions spoil your enjoyment of walking

Join the thousands of customers who travel from across the country to visit us and book your Specialist Boot Fitting appointment online now, your feet (and your bunions) will thank you!

Alternatively, you can call 01254 822 220 and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Happy feet, happy walker!

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