SIDAS 3feet Low Run Protect Insole

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3Feet® Protect insoles adapt to your low foot arch and are designed for runners looking for maximum comfort and protection in each stride!

The gel at the heel provides exceptional absorption and the section on the front of the foot encourages energy return.

These insoles have an anatomic shape ensuring your foot is supported, keeping your feet safe while you run!


  1. Midfoot reinforcement (EVA): stabilises and controls the stride.
  2. Merrymesh topcover: non-slip
  3. Dual-density structure: vertical comfort
  4. Forefoot structure (EVA rubber): boosts propulsion.
  5. Heel gel pad: dissipates impact.
  6. Perforation: breathability

NB. The 3feet Low Run Protect have replaced our 3feet Low Activ insoles.


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