NOENE 4mm Shock Absorber

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Noene 4mm shock absorbers are a cushioned, shock absorbing and dispersing insole which can protect the body from over 99%  of rebound shockwave energy that could otherwise lead to injury. They are ideal for running, walking, football, hockey, tennis and all indoor court sports.

We would also recommend using the Noene 4mm shock absorbers for added cushioning and to help disperse shock in standard issue police/military footwear.

The Noene 4mm shock absorbers are perfect for all users over 90kg (for under 90kg we suggest the Noene 2mm Shock Absorbers).

To fit these Noene 4mm shock absorber insoles in your footwear, simply place the insole over or preferably under the existing/original insole if it can be removed.

NB. These insoles are Noene shock absorbers but don’t come with any packaging and don’t feature any scrim.

We would strongly recommend visiting us in the store where our Specialist Boot Fitting Service can help to identify the right type of insole for your feet and determine if there is sufficient room in your footwear to accommodate an insole comfortably without causing pressure.

3 reviews for NOENE 4mm Shock Absorber

  1. Murray S. (verified owner)

    I actually bought the thicker inner soles. Service was good, price high, but they are the only stockist I could find

  2. John P. (verified owner)

    I use these liners and custom built inserts in my Hanwag boots. No doubt that this combination has prolonged my walking career and enabled me, despite quite significant foot problems deriving from Neuropathy, to go confidently into wild country. So thanks for careful and effective advice on best products.

  3. Jean B. (verified owner)

    Excellent shock absortion for certain types of shoes.

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