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Stunning new addition to the shop!

Canvas print

We had the pleasure of fitting Andy Pritchard with walking boots recently. During the fitting Liz and Andy discussed his passion for photography and we were delighted this week when we received a stunning canvas print of one of his photos. The photo of Pendle Hill was taken near Downham in January 2015 and the canvas is now proudly hung in the shop for everyone to see on their next visit to the shop!

You can see more of Andy’s photos here…/andypri…/16122719518/in/dateposted/

Here’s what Andy had to say about his recent visit to Whalley Warm & Dry for our Specialist Boot Fitting service…


‘I’d been researching boots on the internet and my Wife reminded me of Whalley Warm and Dry’. We had a ride over to Whalley and spoke to Peter who recommended that I booked an appointment for a full measure and fitting, so I booked an appointment.

When I turned up, Shona was really welcoming and took me up to the boot department, made me a coffee and introduced me to Liz. I have never had my feet checked over so thoroughly for a pair of new boots, every measurement taken and recorded, pressure that I put through my feet and where those pressures were too. Throughout the fitting we got talking about my hobby which I wanted the boots for, which is photography, I do many genres and need sturdy waterproof boots as I go on moors and all manner of different surfaces. Liz loved my photos that she viewed on my phone, and we struck up a great rapport. The correct boots were recommended for my foot shape and size, and Peter even steamed the leather and adjusted them to my foot shape, they really fit my feet like putting on a glove.

Whalley Warm and Dry’s customer service is brilliant and I had an image that I decided to get printed as a large canvas for the shop, I thought it fitted with what the shop is about, and that is keeping people warm and dry. I had the pleasure of going over to the shop and seeing my photograph proudly displayed. I had the camera in the car and we managed to get the team to pose outside the shop for these images with the photo.

I am delighted to be associated with the shop and the team as both a customer and supplier of photography.’Thank you to everyone at Whalley Warm and Dry, and please keep up the good work, I wouldn’t have received the service that I got, nor a fully adjusted boot from the internet’.


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